Wednesday, March 18

Cat Allergy Relief - An Introduction

Cat allergy relief is a timely topic for cat owners with an allergy to cats. It is a prevalent problem that affects up to 15% of the human population. Nevertheless, a surprising percentage of these people own and love a cat companion. Most people can live with a cat even though they have an allergy to cats, if they know what to do in the home environment.

In many cases, there are practical measures that can be done that will significantly lower the impact of an allergy to cats, and make living with a cat much more enjoyable. In some cases, medication can help ease your allergy to your cat.

In all cases, information and awareness of all aspects of allergies to cats is very important. That is why this blog can be of service to you. In other articles/posts I provide general information for people that have an allergy to a cat, including how to deal with cat dander allergies, cat allergy treatment and other cat allergy solutions.

Veterinarians are asked for advice about cat allergy relief frequently, nevertheless it is only appropriate to ask your personal physician. If you have cat allergy symptoms, see your doctor to discuss treatment options.

The information on this blog is for general information only and is not intended to replace the advice of your personal physician (see Disclaimer on the right).

I hope you find this blog on Cat Allergy Relief of worth to you.