Tuesday, November 1

Cat Dander Removal

Cat dander removal is a practical aspect in controlling cat dander allergy, but it is not easy.

Cat Dander Removal In The Home

Remove Your Carpet

Nothing is a more effective magnet to dander and retains dander better than carpet. Dander penetrates carpet and settled in the pad under carpet. This means that vacuuming is not as effective in dander removal as we would all like to think.

If you have wall-to-wall broadloom carpeting, and you must keep carpeting, switch to area rugs.

Instead of artificial carpeting, you should switch to natural fibre carpeting because natural fibres release dirt and allergens when vacuumed easier than artificial fibres.

If you have a standard vacuum, get a HEPA vacuum. HEPA vacuums will capture dander and other airborne allergens in filters and will not recirculate allergens in its exhaust.

Furniture, Windows

Stuffed furniture, curtains, blinds, table cloths, and other household items are dander-catchers. Curtains can be replaced with vertical blinds, and as much as possible, upholstered furniture can be replaced with leather or wood furniture.

If you must keep window treatments, buy the type that can be washed in the washer, easily taken down and reinstalled. Wash your curtains once a month in an anti-allergy detergent.

Damp-dust your house frequently, including behind the frig and stove, and high places such as the top of the frig, kitchen cabinets, and shelves. Instead of a damp cloth, an alternative is to use one of the newer dusters that catch dust more efficiently. A magnetic fabric can be used to dust computer monitor and TV screens and other items. Wash the cloth with a mild detergent.

The Bedroom

A lot of time is spent in the bedroom so there are a few things that should be done for cat dander removal. All allergy suffers should avoid down comforters and feather pillows. However, feather pillows can be placed in a high-spun cloth pillow case with a zipper.

Beds are another major collector of cat dander and other allergens, so it should be covered with a vinyl or allergen proof mattress cover. All linen, blankets, and other coverings should be washed at least once every 7-10 days.

If you like to read in bed, be aware that the paper in books collects cat dander. Therefore, it is best not to have a library in your bedroom, and to only keep the book you are currently reading in the bedroom.

You may also wish to consider using an air purifier in the bedroom. If you do, direct the exhaust away from the rug and upholstered furniture.

Air Filter, Etc

One of the most effective means of cat dander removal is to use a HEPA vacuum and to vacuum the house weekly.

Allergy sufferers tend to feel better when the humidity is below 45%, which discourages mold growth. A dehumidifier is especially important in the bathroom, basement, and other areas where mold may grow.

Also, assuming it is not pollen season and you are not allergic to pollen, open the window on a pleasant breezy day. There is no better way to clean out dander-laden air.

Wash The Cat

For cat dander removal nothing beats washing the cat two or three times a week. You will remove dead hair and dander at the source and greatly improve general dander-free air quality.