Sunday, October 23

Cat Dander Control

Cat dander control is an important issue in allergy control in any home. The effects of allergy is cumulative, so the longer you are exposed to an allergen the more likely you will become affected by an allergen.

Before You Get a Cat

Even though you have a history of allergenic reaction, it is still possible to have a cat. Before you obtain a cat, see an allergist to evaluate your situation and if a cat can be brought into the home with minimal disruption.

Also, the selection of the breed of cat to bring into the home can be very important. Some breeds shed less dander than others, and some breeds may not be as allergenic to humans as others. My suggestion is to locate someone that owns the specific breed of cat you wish to own, and arrange to stay with this breed in an enclosed room for a two-hour period to see if you have an allergenic reaction.


Everything that flies in the air will end up on the carpet, sooner or later. And dander is one item that is very likely to remain in the carpet even with a very thorough vacuuming. One of the most effective methods of cat dander control, of removing cat dander is to remove the carpeting. Extreme you say. Not really. The problem is that cat allergens are extremely small, they are minuscule, so they will filter through the carpet and deposit themselves on the padding underneath the carpet. Vacuums are not effective in collecting anything from a carpet pad. So I am afraid the simple fact is more carpet you have the more cat dander you have.

Those that insist on having a cat and also carpeting can compromise somewhat by getting carpeting that is coated with Teflon. Also be aware that natural fibers tend to release dander more easily than artificial fibers. Therefore, avoid artificial carpeting if you own a cat.

If you own a cat, to better control cat dander allergy, it is much better to have area rugs than wall-to-wall carpeting. However, if you do have wall-to-wall carpeting, steam-clean it often, at least once every two months. Some carpet cleaning solutions deactivate allergens caused by dust mites and household pets, so they are more effective in cat dander control.

Keep the Bedroom Cat-Free

The bed is a major collector of dander and a major means of becoming exposed to cat allergen. There it is an important room to be especially careful about cat dander control. While elaborate measures can be taken to make the bedroom as dander free as possible, this does involve a lot of planning, and work to control dander in a bedroom. It is much easier to simply never allow the cat to come into any bedroom in the house. And get into the habit of always closing your bedroom door at all times. The English have had this custom for hundreds of years.

Other Cat Dander Control Measures for Cat Dander Control:

• Dust often with one of the newer catch-all dusters, and vacuum often with a HEPA vacuum.

• Install an air purification system.

• Minimize fabric-covered furniture.

• Minimize curtains, use verticals instead.

• Bathe your cat 2-3 times a week, and groom your cat between baths.

Using simple measures at cat dander control will make living with a cat and an allergy to cat possible.